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Welcome to the DUI Attorney Tampa website, a resource dedicated to assisting anyone who is detained and/or arrested for driving while intoxicated. Know that our DUI attorneys are on your side, fighting for the honoring of your legal rights to the fullest allowable extent regardless of the charges. Herein we explain what you can expect both from law enforcement and your lawyer, for it behooves you to understand in the clearest terms what lies ahead.Hire The Best DUI Attorney Tampa FL

We focus on DUI attorneys based in Tampa because they are best suited to defending charges of DUI offenses committed in the Tampa region. (This is presumably why you came to this page.) Familiarity with local law enforcement practices and staff enables your legal representative to identify the optimum defense strategy in your particular case.

How DUI Arrestees Select Attorneys

Before seeking out a lawyer to represent you, try to comprehend as much as you can the nature of the charge or charges brought against you and the corresponding penalties resulting from a DUI conviction. Outcomes depend on numerous factors, including your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at time of arrest, whether you caused serious bodily injury and/or property damage, whether you have prior convictions on your record, and whether a minor child was in your vehicle.

The DUI acronym covers impairment not only from alcohol but also from drugs or any substances that affect mental control. A similar acronym, DWI, stands for driving while intoxicated, and for all practical purposes is equivalent in meaning to DUI. Driving under the influence is a crime, often a misdemeanor but sometimes a felony. Society frowns upon such behavior and states continue to strengthen their codes designed to prevent and punish it. Hence, you should approach your charges seriously.

According to our system of criminal law, it is up to prosecutors to prove the commission of a legal crime. For some offenses, they have to establish malicious intent, but for DUI infractions they need only demonstrate negligence. The state grants them the authority to collect evidence of BAC and use it effectively to prosecute defendants. Without a competent attorney to represent them, DUI defendants stand almost no chance of successfully challenging their charges.

So don’t underestimate the need to be realistic. You don’t have to give up without a fight, but grasp the consequences of a conviction. Estimate the costs of fines and other expenses, as well as the negative impact on your employment, education, and future opportunities. Keep these costs in mind when researching attorneys and their fees.

Once you have written down what your charges are, what evidence law enforcement has against you, and what potential penalties you face, you can begin the search for a lawyer. You will want to identify a few candidates to act as your Tampa DUI attorney.

DUI Attorneys and Their Clients

Bear in mind that, just as you are searching for an attorney, lawyers specializing in DUI are also on the lookout for clients. They get their business through a variety of marketing methods including referrals and advertising. They emphasize their strengths and areas of specialization, and they downplay whatever weaknesses they may have.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon you as potential client to sound out candidate lawyers to determine who is the best match for your particular case and circumstances. But regardless of the particular individual chosen, the attorney is bound by standards set by the bar to advocate for your rights. His or her relationship with you is governed by these standards, and you are paying the lawyer to ensure that your rights are neither intentionally nor neglectfully denied.

Attorney fees are regulated only by what the market can bear. But when comparing rates, also compare the overall estimated time the lawyer will spend on your case. In this way, you can calculate a ballpark figure of your total lawyer fees.

DUI Prosecution in Tampa

There are many Tampa attractions that, coupled with a favorable Florida climate, lead people to party while out and about. Tampa has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest incidence levels of drunk driving in the state. Hence, Tampa police and district attorneys are diligent about preempting, minimizing, and prosecuting DUI-related infractions in their jurisdictions.

Thus, even though DUI law is written at the state level, local communities throughout Florida vary in their enforcement practices. You can expect Tampa prosecutors to be stricter and less lenient in prosecuting your case than had the offense been committed elsewhere.

Defense strategies that succeed regularly in other communities might fail in Tampa. This suggests that selection of legal counsel should be limited to those attorneys who practice locally. They are most familiar with how the legal system works in Tampa and are skilled at using defense strategies likely to produce optimal outcomes.